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50mW High Power Beam Red Laser Pointer Pen Red Laser Pen + 2 Battery Free

50mW High Power Beam Red Laser Pointer Pen Red Laser Pen + 2 Battery Free

Rs. 999.00 Rs. 370.00


2 IN 1, 50mW Red Laser Pointer Pen Executive Edition Professional Red Laser Pointer Pen.
  • 100% Brand New, High Quality & Great Finishing.
  • Simply Push the Button Then You Can See the Striking Red Beam of Light Shoot Forth.
  • Red Laser Pointer with Amazing Star Pattern Head.
  • Rotate the Head to Change the Laser Effect.
  • Metal Pen-Sized Barrel.
  • Extra Long Distance, Great for Used in Open Area, Range up to 3000 Meters.
  • Metal Housing With Rubberized Handle for Comfort.
  • Up to 50 Times More Powerful Than Most Other Laser Pointers.
  • Push Button Operation.
  • 5,000 Hour Service Life.
  • Brighter than Red Laser Pointers, High Powered 50mW Red Laser Pointer.
  • Produce Clearly Visible Red Beam in the Dark.
  • Ideal Laser Pen for Teachers, Students, Doctors etc.
  • Please Note: DESIGN, SHAPE & COLOR MAY VARY FROM PICTURE SHOWN (We Will Ship Your Product As Per Availability of Color & Shape).
  • Sturdy, Durable Case For Travelling and Storing.
  • Perfect for Astronomy, Presentation, Tutorial, and Office Meeting use.
  • Use Your Laser Pointer to Point at Any Desired Targets, Project Screens, or Video Monitors, Presentations, Museum and Tour guides, Point at the Stars, and Inspection.
  • It is Recommended to Limit It to 60 Seconds or Less Per Use to Avoid Heat Buildup.
  • Avoid Direct Eye Exposure to Laser Beam (Includes Your Pets).
  • Please keep the Laser Pen Out of the Reach of Children.
  • Remove the Batteries When the Laser Pen is Not in Use.
  • If you Find That the Brightness of the Laser Beam is Seriously Reduced, Please Replace the Battery.
Package Include:
  • 1 x Red Laser Pointer Pen Red Laser Pen.
  • 2 x FREE AAA Battery.

Additional information

Weight 150 g
Dimensions 17.5 × 6.5 × 2.5 cm
Product Color :

As Shown In Image

Light Color :


Compatible :

Indoor & Outdoor, Home, School, Shop, Office, Hotel, Factory & Industrial Use

Gander :


Material :

Aluminum Alloy

Operating Voltage :

1.5 Volt AAA Alkaline Battery

Output Power :


Pack of :


Feature :

Portable, Handheld, Waterproof

Warranty :

10 Days Replacement (Manufacturing Defects Only)

Warranty Conditions :

Burnt / Cut / Damaged / Tampered Goods Not Covered


Technical Standard:
  • High Power: 50mW Red Laser
  • Laser Color: Red
  • Focus Mode: No
  • Body Color: Black
  • Laser Type: Visible Laser Diode
  • Laser Wavelength: 532nm
  • Beam Style: Continuous Line
  • Laser Output Power: < 50mW
  • Expected Life: over 5,000 Hours
  • Powered By: 2 AAA Batteries (Included).
  • Dimension: 158mm x 14mm Approx


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